How is financed ?


50 Cent


50 cents per month

Support with a monthly voluntary donation of 50 cents. Simply set up a standing order on IBAN: DE88 2004 1111 0544 4872 05 – BIC: COBADEHDXXX – and the blog is guaranteed with its offers. Or use PayPal.

Subject: kowabit donation

Please also send me an e-mail. Maybe I still have a nice gift for you!


What do I get in return?

You help maintain the blog.

  • Your emails will be answered in the usual fluffy tone.
  • If you have ideas, maybe I want to implement them (e.g. text contributions), but guarantee to at least that I think about them.
  • If you have a nice internet project, I will gladly promote it or let you write a guest article. We discuss on a good style and content. And if not, then I still like you. And you me.
  • I am also planning a few more things for the loyal donors.
  • Of course the block list will being maintained. Many users will thank you for it. I think so.
  • You support people in Kenya.
  • I plan to produce new content.



I only offer the following options to readers who want to support the blog:




Thank-you e-Mail.


Cash donations

by letter

If contact details are given, a thank-you e-mail will be sent!


Bank transfer


DE88 2004 1111 0544 4872 05


Usually without contact information, therefore here: THANK YOU!



For the brave:











Author work


Order and work

I offer you the following writing activities:

  1. Revision / creation of your press release.
  2. Revision / creation of your blog post, article or book.
  3. Or just ask.



You have developed software, you have a blog, a company or something that you want to present? Then get in touch. I don’t offer you an advertising contribution on, but an honest review of your product.

Your product must match to somehow.



Recommended in cash, NEM/XEM or bank transfer. PayPal, if there is no other way.

Price list:

  1. Press release: 6 €
  2. Standard page: 12 €
  3. Other IT-related paperwork: 66 € / hour




I also accept orders on a trust basis if you want to remain anonymous. That means, if you want for example an essay to a topic, an email address is enough for me as contact. Payment will be negotiated accordingly. Partial advance payment. Payment exclusively in DASH. Legally secure invoice.


For questions and special requests I am at your availability!