MSG | MESSAGE (token)

What is MSG? | Was ist MSG?

With the MSG | MESSAGE token it is possible to send informations and messages via the WAVES blockchain. Websites and apps enable you to trigger functions in WAVES transactions using attachments (e. g. code words). The MSG | MESSAGE token replaces WAVES and other tokens / assets as value. There are only the normal transaction fees.

Identifier / Asset overview: DJevEXd8hV3EogTMrxSc1ngtJik19LikhMa4c4PoTEuf

Here you can find the faucet: MSG

Der MSG | MESSAGE-Token macht es möglich Informationen und Nachrichten über die WAVES-Blockchain zu senden. Mit Websites und Apps können Funktionen in WAVES-Transaktionen durch Anhänge (z.B. Codewörter) ausgelöst werden. Die MSG | MESSAGE-Token ersetzt WAVES und andere Token / Assets als Wert. Es fallen nur die normalen Transaktionsgebühren an. Damit ist die Nutzung von WAVES-Funktionen ohne Verluste möglich. Der Token kann – mit Ausnahme der Transaktionsgebühren – kostenlos abgerufen werden.

Identifizierungscode und Überblick: DJevEXd8hV3EogTMrxSc1ngtJik19LikhMa4c4PoTEuf

Hier findest Du eine Möglichkeit zum kostenlosen Abruf des Tokens: MSG


Trackingfreier Werbelink:


Send me your WAVES address and I will send you the MSG Token in large quantities. If you have more than 250,000 MSGs in your wallet, I won’t send you anything. Exception is a project for which you want to use MSG or if you find me with telegram. 😉


( Look for me, find me, send your WAVES ID and get 333.333 tokens. )


I am very sorry. But WAVES is currently too expensive to develop an effective application and perform transactions for the benefit of users. First of all there will be no further actions here.



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I’m looking for a programmer for a project.

A PHP script that monitors a specified address in the WAVES blockchain.
As soon as a token is received in the wallet, the script should trigger a function. If an e-mail address has been attached to the transaction, the script should send an attachment or download link to this e-mail address.

Alternatively: If the attachment cannot be read out correctly, the script should orientate itself on the token and the set. Users receive e. g. an individual invoice with a one-off sum. This sum is linked to your e-mail address. If the specified sum is received in the wallet, the script triggers the action. The one-time sum and the e-mail address will then be reset.


Or would you like to support the financing of such a project?


Give me the asset ID and transfer a bigger crowd to me with attachment “DEX”.

3P2MTtD7Zgnnp6au9wvVsXytRBSeGWP3PrH or the alias: kowabit

I will offer ca. 99% of your token in exchange for MSG on the DEX. Buy & sell.

This enables us to extensively test, apply and exploit the WAVES blockchain.

I have no interest in financial speculation.