The Interview

Welcome to the interview area. You always wanted to discuss your project, your website, your social media profile, your channel? Then you have the chance here.

Answer the following five questions and give me the link to your project. After that you send me a message by SIGNAL or SMS (01517 / 5515719). Now I must find your number in the imprint of the given address. You must have entered your number in the imprint before you contact me. You simply send your project address via SIGNAL or SMS, too.

If nothing happens within 72 hours, your interview will be deleted.

If you send the message and I’ve checked everything, I’ll publish the interview including a backlink. As a picture I will use a screenshot. Afterwards all your data will be deleted. There is no storage of personal data for more than 72 hours. I do not intend to get in touch with you.

Of course you have no right of publication. It remains at the end my decision.

An interview without ever having spoken to me. Let’s go:


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